How Chocolate, Mushrooms and Other Foods Can Help to Fight Flu

How Chocolate, Mushrooms and Other Foods Can Help to Fight Flu

Influenza, or commonly known as flu, is probably the most common affliction that affects us all. Usually, it starts with a stuffy nose, sore throat, cough or sneezing, before more severe symptoms like fever, body aches and chills kick in. While there are loads of over-the-counter treatments for flu, why not opt for a more natural remedy the next time you feel unwell? Here are a few flu-fighting foods that can help to boost your overall immunity.

Dark chocolate and strawberries

They may sound like unlikely saviours, but together they can actually help to ward off flu. Chocolate contains a compound called theobromine, which helps to alleviate flu symptoms. Strawberries are also chock-full of Vitamin C and E, which can help to boost your immune system.


Beneath the spongy surface of mushrooms packs a powerful punch of flu-fighting properties. Beta-glucans found in mushrooms help to strengthen your immune system and protect your body against illness. Slice them and top over pizzas. Dice and stir into soups. Alternatively, get your source of mushrooms from BRAND’S® MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom. The supplement contains five medicinal mushrooms, highly regarded for their immune boosting properties. They include Shiitake, Yamabushitake, Maitake, Cordyceps and Lingzhi.

Yogurt with blueberries

Probiotics found in yogurt can help to combat the flu virus. They prime the immune system and build resistance to infections. Blueberries, or any fleshy berries, are rich in antioxidants. They help to reduce free radical damage and strengthen the immune system. Put together in a breakfast and you’ve got a delightful winner.

Sweet potatoes

This orange root vegetable may not seem like something that can keep you from getting the flu. However, sweet potatoes are loaded with Vitamin A that helps to increase the production of white blood cells that fight infection and boost immunity.


When it comes to your respiratory system, Vitamin D plays a vital role in keeping it healthy. Load up on foods rich in Vitamin D, such as wild salmon. Steam and poach the salmon to retain most of its benefits. Add sliced lemon and chopped garlic to enhance the taste of the dish. What’s more, lemon and garlic are antibacterial and antiviral, helping your body fight infections and reduce phlegm.

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