Collagen Boosting Foods to Help Combat Skin Aging

As we grow older, we’ll start to notice that our skin isn’t as supple as before and is more prone to sagging. That’s because the production of collagen, the foundation of connective tissue that supports the skin structure, slows down gradually when we turn 35. Exposure to the sun, free radicals and pollution also disintegrates collagen, which is why our skin starts forming wrinkles and thin with age.

Fortunately, choosing to eat collagen-rich food can help to reverse the effects of aging skin. Include these foods into your daily diet to achieve younger-looking skin you’ll love waking up to!


Not only are eggs an affordable source of protein, they also contain collagen in the yolk and eggshell membrane. Simply cook up a few eggs for breakfast for an easy and quick collagen boost.


Here’s an ingredient that doesn’t just pack a punch in flavours –– it’s also powerfully rich in nutrients. Garlic is one of the best dietary sources of sulphur, a trace mineral that helps to synthesise and prevent collagen from breaking down. It is also full of lipoic acid and taurine, rebuilding collagen fibres that have been damaged over the years. Now you know there’s nothing to fear about having garlic breath!

Leafy greens

You know that eating your veggies is good for your health, but do you know it also takes care of your skin? Dark, leafy greens such as spinach and kale are filled with high water content and antioxidants to keep your skin hydrated, which will in turn boost its elasticity. These vegetables are also incredibly rich in vitamin C, which helps to link amino acids together for collagen formation.


Eating berries may give you the youthful complexion you are looking for. How so?

For one, they contain ellagic acid, an antioxidant that is known to prevent collagen breakdown from UV damage. Eating berries regularly can also help in collagen production, so every handful is a tiny dose of elixir for your skin.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are one of the richest plant sources of zinc, which contributes to the synthesis of collagen. Zinc also speeds up the healing of wounds and helps to maintain cell membranes, keeping your skin healthy and fresh. So the next time you’re feeling peckish, keep a stash of pumpkin seeds close by to enjoy as a nutritious snack!


Besides being naturally delicious, oysters are also packed with the highest concentration of zinc in natural food sources. Combined with rich protein levels, including this super food into your diet will help to maintain your skin’s firmness and prevent wrinkles from forming.


Fishes that are high in omega-3 fatty acid such as tuna and salmon nourish your skin from the inside out. It’s simple: skin cells are wrapped and protected by fatty membranes and Omega-3 is crucial to supporting these cells. By keeping the skin cells healthy, your skin would be more resilient to internal and external threats.


Eating beans is probably the most straightforward way to keeping your skin hydrated, plump, and firm. Rich in hyaluronic acid, beans increase your skin’s elasticity and strength, as well as encourage cell regeneration.

Dark chocolate

It’s unlikely you would need much convincing to consume dark chocolate, but there’s a good health reason to keep a supply in your refrigerator. With high levels of antioxidant, this delectable comfort food can keep your skin protected from UV damage –– the main culprit behind skin aging.

For busy adults, another fuss-free way to boost collagen levels would be to consume supplements. Created with a unique blend of ingredients, BRAND’S® RubyCollagenTM Essence is collagen-rich supplement that contains micro-collagen, as well as the micro-algae extract Astaxanthin. Known to be mother nature’s most powerful antioxidant, Astaxanthin is 6000 times more effective than Vitamin C in its antioxidant power! This means you can enjoy a more youthful complexion, as fast as in six weeks.