Life in the Fast Lane: 5 Ways to Keep Up with the Digital Life

BRAND’S® Article - 5 Ways to Keep Up with the Digital Life

Making the best of what technology has to offer may be second nature to most of us. But if you’re one of those who is advanced in years and feel that the digital train has left you behind, do not give up just yet. The fact that you’re reading this means there’s still hope. After all, technology is here to make lives easier and more convenient – yours included. Here are 5 ways on how you can boot up on the digital life:

1. Swipe a tablet

Need to get online? There’s no faster way than using a tablet, a mobile device which combines the portability of a smartphone with the power of a laptop.

A tablet is a handy device for making quick web searches, reading the news and even writing emails, especially when you’re out and about and need to get connected. It also gives you access to a wide array of apps ranging from organisers, health trackers, games to social media. Best of all, it connects easily to any available Wi-Fi network.

2. Be social

In this day and age, it’s important to be socially connected. Social media is a remarkable way for keeping in touch with your children, grandchildren and even friends. Simply sign up and create your own profile. Within minutes, you can start adding loved ones and friends to your account.

Post a thought, upload photos and videos of yourself, your travels or ‘check in’ to places. This way, you can keep everyone updated on what you’ve been up to. They can do the same by posting news which you can view on your social media feed. And if a post amuses you, feel free to like it, share it or leave a comment.

3. Streaming is the new entertainment

These days, you’re no longer restricted to what’s playing in the cinemas, on television and on radio for entertainment. Online video and music streaming services offer the season’s biggest blockbusters and tracks whenever you want them.

Visit a site to sign up for a service and simply click to watch or listen. Choose from a wide variety of movies, dramas and songs, and even play them in high quality. Certain services even offer apps that you can download onto your mobile device for direct access. So, you’ll never get bored even on the go!

4. Enrol in a digital class

Learning is indeed a lifelong pursuit. Luckily, there are computer and Internet classes tailored for seniors.

A beginner’s course is always a good starting point. Pick up basic skills, learn to protect your privacy and gain an understanding of why technology is essential in our daily lives. Once you’re comfortable with the basics, move on to something more advanced that interests you, such as aerial photography or 3D printing.

5. Search it up or ask for help

If you ever find yourself stuck in the digital world, not to worry. Use a search engine to find a solution. Often a time, someone would have posted a question about the same issue or query you’re having. And because the online community is quick to chip in with suggestions, you’ll find different methods to solve your problem. If that doesn't work, simply ask someone more digitally savvy like your grandkid or a young neighbour for advice.

As fun and exciting the digital life sounds, exploring the digital world can throw up certain obstacles, especially if you’re a senior. And when things get too overwhelming or frustrating, try BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps. Its natural formula can help you to recover from the effects of mental fatigue.