Is Your Time of the Month Cramping Your Style

Okay, it’s not a topic most women would feel comfortable talking about. But let’s face it ladies, the time of the month can be a dreaded affair. Besides the mood swings and lethargy, there’s also the bloating and the cramping which can be intensely difficult to cope sometimes. Naturally, all these affect our lifestyle –– from being sedentary and not working out, to being selective about what to wear to contain our discomfort.

But here’s the good news: being on your period doesn’t necessarily have to cramp your style. By incorporating these healthy habits during your menstrual cycle, you’ll be able to adopt a more active lifestyle and take on your day with ease!

1. Nourish your body

When it comes to food, a balanced diet is your best bet. Loading your plate with minimally processed foods, fibre and vegetables will help to replenish the vitamins and minerals you need.

It’s also possible to eat your way out of pain. Food such as brown rice contains vitamin B-6 which reduces bloating, while nuts that are rich in manganese help to ease cramps. Boron is another mineral that can reduce menstrual pain. So eating more Boron-rich foods such as avocados, chickpeas, bananas and peanut butter may just be your lifeline!

2. Supplement your diet

Consuming sufficient calcium and magnesium will aid muscle relaxation, in turn reducing any discomfort you’ll feel during your menses. Supplements are a fuss-free way to make sure you get in about 1000mg of calcium and up to 500mg of magnesium daily.

A medicinal herb that has been used by Asian women to remain in tip-top condition is Tangkwei. Also known as Angelica Root or the ‘blood herb’, it helps to reduce pain, dilate blood vessels and stimulate the relaxation of uterine muscles. By supplementing your healthy diet with BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken with Tangkwei, you’ll be able to enjoy an active mind and body during your menstrual cycle.

3. Boost your endorphins

Exercising may seem silly when you are in pain, but working out releases endorphins, the mood-lifting chemical that reduces the perception of pain. Gentle workouts such as power walking or yoga can help you cope with menstrual symptoms without causing too much exertion on your body.

And here’s a tip: To get through your period comfortably, exercise regularly throughout the whole year. By slowly building up your core muscles and abs, you’ll be able to keep your excruciating cramps under control. Now, don’t we all want that?

4. Get some warmth

Using a heating pad is a tried-and-tested way to relief menstrual cramps. Heat opens blood vessels and improves the flow of blood, helping to dissipate the pain and relax your abdomen muscles. In fact, according to some studies, applying heat to your stomach and lower back is as effective as consuming a pain relief medicine.

If you don’t have a heating pad at home, simply use a water bottle filled with warm water or a hot towel as replacement.

5. Unwind with a massage

What better way to deal with bodily discomfort than a relaxing massage? Studies have shown that massaging essential oils on affected body parts can shorten and reduce pain. Try using lavender oil to minimise any menstrual discomfort, or cinnamon oil to reduce inflammation and cramps especially on your abdomen and lower back. You’ll find that you feel much more relaxed and rested after.