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BRAND'S® World's Contest Winners

Here at BRAND'S® World, we are always on the lookout to get the best deals, promotions and exclusive events to our members first. In the month of April, we ran an online contest for our members if they could get the following questions right, 5 lucky BRAND'S® World's members can walk away with a bottle of BRAND'S® Sesamin with Schisandra Extract, worth $48 each.


  1. What does your liver do? It removes toxins.
  2. What is not a sign of an unhealthy liver? Aching joints.
  3. What is not a cause of liver damage? Excessive walking.
  4. What does BRAND'S® Sesamin with Schisandra Extract contain? Vitamin E.

Did you get them right? If not, take a look out for the next one. You just might win one next time.

Winners for our 9th April 2016 online contest made exclusive to our BRAND'S® World's members are:

  1. Ker Christina
  2. Lam Yiin Fan
  3. Samsi Noraini
  4. Oh Khim Siong
  5. Shee Gim Cheng Mike

Want to take part in such contests next time? Sign up as a BRAND'S® World member now and you can stand a chance to win our acclaimed products next time!