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Nothing Is Impossible For Tang

Your Goal, Your Move:
Nothing is impossible for Tang, not even winning gold twice

Many think of badminton as a fast-moving sport that can get pretty intense when the competition heats up. For 47-year-old gold medallist Tang, there is no better way to keep physically active and to spend quality time with loved ones.

“I play badminton at least twice a week, once on Wednesday, once on Saturday, and sometimes on Sunday,” Tang tells us, giving us an inside look into his busy schedule. “A typical Saturday for me would be playing the sport with my family from 12 to 2pm and with my own kakis [buddies] from 2 to 5pm.” As a father of two little girls, it’s heartening to know that Tang’s sporting habits also allow him to concentrate on his family life and social life.

While he plays at an intermediate level, Tang has managed to bag himself two gold medals - one for the Men's Double and another for the Mixed Double during an internal badminton tournament at Temasek Polytechnic. “When I won the gold medals, I felt over the moon because it was like a payoff after so many years of training and practice,” Tang admits, though he was also modest regarding his success, adding that he only “expected to be in the top 3, but when I got the gold, it was a very happy moment. It was definitely a rare achievement for me.”


“Badminton is the fastest racket game in the world,” Tang was quick to mention when we asked him why he enjoyed playing the sport so much. “It requires good hand, eye and foot coordination, and it also helps to keep me active and healthy. I have to stay active because my children are still young. When they grow older, I would like to impart some of my game knowledge and skill to them. I also want to share the spirit of badminton to them so that they can hopefully pass it on to their grandchildren!”

Of course, Tang has alluded to some barriers when it comes to his drive and desire to constantly improve himself. “Because of my competitive playing and training, I do have some injuries and I do experience pain in my elbows, ankles and knees.” Badminton is no doubt a very fast-paced game that requires plenty of start-stop movement, which can be jarring for the joints.

To ensure he stays in tip-top shape to continue his weekly training, Tang explored the benefits of taking joint supplements to help with his mobility. “Due to my age, I definitely feel the need to take some supplements to help ease my pain and to ensure I can play at my best. I have been taking glucosamine to alleviate the pain in my joints. But since I discovered BRAND’S® ActivMove, it definitely helped me to recover faster so that I can play longer.” Glucosamine no longer has to be the only supplement he can fall back on.


By finding a quick and easy solution to conquering his pain and discomfort, Tang can now focus his efforts on achieving his long-term goals of hopefully winning more medals in the coming years.

“Winning is definitely a milestone for me. In order to win more, I have to improve my skill, and I have to practice more. I have to watch more tournaments, learn different strategies, and I will have to expose myself to all sorts of players!”

Clearly, with such a well-defined approach, Tang takes his badminton seriously. For anyone with the same drive and determination to succeed in their favourite sport, Tang definitely makes for one tough badminton player that serves as a real inspiration!