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Interview with Jade Seah

Interview with Jade Seah: The TV host and Instagram star shares her style tips, favourite beauty products, and the secret to healthy living


From her beauty must-haves to the top favourite tunes currently on her music playlist, Jade Seah shares how she gets ready for an epic day out with her friends 


Whether it’s jet-setting around the globe, conquering a new sport or being cool and camera-ready 24/7, no one does it better than Jade Seah. Not only blessed with a sunny smile and down-to-earth charm, Jade is also making a name for herself as a TV host, model, bloggerand Instagram star (with over 50, 000 followers and counting) – talk about #lifegoals! So how does she do it all? We got Jade to share with us her top tips to living life to the fullest: from health hacks to beauty secrets, and her daily routine when getting ready for a day out with her friends.


Her getting-ready routine
“I enjoy the me-time ritual of getting ready alone with music blasting. It takes me anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour – it all depends on where I’m going. I do, however, take much longer to actually get out of the house; I often end up forgetting something and have to climb up four flights of stairs to get it. True story!

When it comes to planning my outfits, I need to feel inspired. Sometimes, it’s the weather and other times, it starts from footwear: I decide on clothes, make-up, and accessories to match my shoes. I hate doing my hair so I usually cheat by just styling the front or spritzing texturisers to get that effortless just-out-of-bed look – it only takes me two minutes!”

“I like to keep my makeup and skincare routine really simple but I never skip sunscreen and eye cream.” 

Her skincare and make-up routine
“I like to keep things really simple these days. I use scrubs and masks regularly to get rid of impurities – I think it’s so important for your skin to be clean and uncongested. Besides sunscreen and eye cream (which I never skip), my favourite product is Clarins Shaping Facial Lift to shape my face and lightly hydrate the skin. For make-up, I swear by Cle de Peau concealer for my dark circles and MAC lippies to pull my whole look together quickly.” 

Her go-to style
“Girly tomboy: I love mixing comfortable and casual basics (like shirts, T-shirts, and watches ‘borrowed’ from my husband) with girly things like lace, sequins, and ruffles. I love anything denim: jeans; jackets; denim shirts; overalls. My go-to outfit when I have no time to plan is a loose white shirt or graphic tee paired with jeans and either sneakers or stilettos.”

Jade’s personal style? Girly tomboy

Her style must-haves
“I love my vintage Rolex and wedding rings: one is a simple band, which I wear daily, and the other looks like a laurel wreath that’s so pretty and girly. I wear my collection of G-Shock watches regularly: I borrow a few from the husband and he sometimes wears mine too. Another must-have is a bangle that says “This too shall pass” – I had two made and gave one to my friend who was going through tough times. I wear the other one almost daily to remind myself to cherish the good times.”

Her pre-party playlist
“I have a soft spot for ‘80s rock and anything with clever lyrics, a strong melody, and a sick beat (no Coldplay or draggy sounds, please!). I’m currently into “This is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris and Rihanna, “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers, and “Time” by Jungle. Old favourites on my getting-ready playlist include anything by The Beatles, Def Leppard, and Garbage – I love Shirley Manson so much.”

Jade’s secret to a healthy lifestyle: exercise and boosting her diet with supplements

What she packs in her bag before going out
“I favour smaller purses, so I don’t pack a lot: only the essentials like my phone, wallet (I recently bought a super sleek design from PMQ in Hong Kong), lip balm, lipstick, candy, and a book or Kindle.”

How she looks good despite her hectic schedule
“I prioritise a healthy lifestyle in a realistic way – that means not going overboard! I try to squeeze in some form of exercise daily. Not only does it keep my body fit but also relieves stress, clears my mind, and keeps me sane. I believe life is short and deprivation is no way to live happy. That’s why I eat whatever I love (mostly hawker fare like mee pok, Hokkien mee and oyster omelette) but in moderation.

I also am a believer in supplements and I boost my diet with a mixture of things, depending on my body’s needs. I take multi-vitamins daily, supplements like evening primrose supplements to keep my body balanced (especially during that time of the month), ginseng for energy (and because it is easier than brewing the stuff), and BRAND’S ® Sesamin with Schisandra Extract to keep my liver in good health. This is not only because I enjoy the occasional drink, but keeping my liver healthy is also important if you lead an active life and if like me, you don’t always get sufficient sleep – the liver is what purges our bodies of toxins, so it must be kept in good shape to do its job properly!”

Looking for a handy diet supplement that’ll let you live life to the fullest without compromising on your liver health? BRAND’S ® Sesamin with Schisandra Extract is one way to go: it is scientifically proven to protect and improve overall liver health -  a daily must-have for anyone who leads an active or stressful lifestyle.

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