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An Inspiring Story Of A Running Enthusiast

An Inspiring Story of a Running Enthusiast
Your Goal, Your Move. Stephany’s life goal of running a full marathon

Wanting to take on a tough goal with unshakeable determination is something admirable. Not everyone can be as persistent as 36-year-old Stephany Lim.

“I run twice a week,” Stephany says of her routine, “each time for about 30 to 40 minutes, between 7 to 10 kilometres. It gives me a sense of achievement after I complete each run. I feel de-stressed and much healthier”. She takes pride in her ability to beat previous records. While she has accomplished two separate half marathons so far, it is her ultimate goal to complete a full marathon one day.

As an avid jogger, Stephany has decided to give her time and effort to her favourite sport. She makes it her personal goal to hit the track as often as she can in order to stay fit and improve her stamina. The satisfaction she feels afterwards is a feeling she loves.

“I was not an active person at all,” she admits, letting us know it took a lot of effort to get to where she is today. “But my lifestyle changed 8 years ago when I met my husband. He encouraged me to start jogging. Slowly, I introduced him to badminton. Now, we are both very proactive in sports”. It was not easy to give up her unhealthy lifestyle, but today she is happier than ever. “I am proud to have done it!”


Turning running into a full-blown passion

Stephany took her sense of achievement a step further by turning running into a full-blown passion, and after this, there was no turning back. After getting a taste of her first half marathon, her love for long-distance running only intensified. A full marathon is now what she works hard towards.

Of course, preparing for a full marathon is no easy feat! As a busy HR Executive, Stephany also needs to juggle her time effectively. Her commitment to her family also takes some time away from her weekly training routine, but thankfully, her husband is all for keeping fit and healthy! Family support means a lot to Stephany too.

On the downside, all that vigilant training can cause some amount of strain and impact on the legs, especially the joints. “After each run, I do experience pain in my knees and it requires me to stop and rest - this stops the momentum. After continuously working out for a few days, my knees feel a bit jerky.”


To ensure nothing gets in the way of her passion, Stephany felt the need to search for a way to keep her mobility and joint health in mint condition. She turned to oral supplements for a helpful boost. “Ever since discovering the pain in my knees, I started taking glucosamine to stop the pain, but the pills are huge and that makes it hard to swallow”. She found more a suitable alternative in BRAND’S® ActivMove.

“I like ActivMove because the tablets are smaller. After taking it, I feel better, my knees feel less pain, and I am able to jog longer distances.”

By crossing the hurdle of pain and discomfort, Stephany now feels that she can take on her next big accomplishment: the full marathon.

“It takes some courage to sign up for it and to complete it, and the training involved requires a lot of time. After a half marathon, facing a full marathon is a very difficult hurdle to cross because it is double the distance, so if I can really complete it, I can tell all my friends of the achievement”.

It’s a life goal for Stephany - a goal that she would very much like to finally cross off her list. Ever resolute, she even has a timeframe in mind, telling us that she hopes to complete it “before I turn 40!”

For anyone as passionate and upbeat as Stephany, there is no reason to hesitate over challenges that stand in the way of sporting achievements. BRAND’S® ActivMove provides a quick and convenient boost to your mobility and joint health. Scientifically proven to be 2 times more effective than glucosamine supplements, all you need is 1 tablet a day to live the life you desire.

Take a leaf out of Stephany’s book and make the right steps to achieve your life goal today.