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A Little Gift Can Make A Big Difference

A Little Gift Can Make a Big Difference

The beauty of Chinese New Year lies in the preparation itself. Toiling in the kitchen to churn out flaky pineapple tarts. Braving long queues for new dollar notes and Bak Kwa. And of course, rehearsing diplomatic ways to dodge that awkward 'when are you getting married?' topic. It’s these moments that make the occasion even more endearing.

You see, all the trouble we go through is symbolic. And the act of gifting is no different. Little has changed for generations. Tradition calls for meticulous attention to detail and a mile-long list of do’s and don’ts. Because behind every action lies a deeper meaning. And it begins with your gift, which represents how you feel about the receiver.


Gifts to nourish all ties

A little gesture goes a long way. Chinese New Year is a chance to renew old ties, to bridge generations and rekindle long lost relationships. And while it’s easy to find our Essence of Chicken and Bird’s Nest online or in retailers island wide, it’s the intention to see someone at their best that truly counts. After all, there's no gift like helping your loved ones live healthier lives. So this Lunar New Year, make it your moment to nourish the ties that matter.